QuMat related seminars

Besides the QuMat seminars, many other lectures around the Netherlands are also interesting to the QuMat consortium. You can find some of them in the list below:

2024-05-22 – 15:00

Introducing magnetism in 2D materials: A theoretical/computational perspective

Speaker: David Soriano – University of Alicante
Host: CMI group, Riccardo Reho
Location: Utrecht University, Ornsteinlaboratorium 2.60


Old related seminars

Here you also find the most recent external seminars from around the Netherlands.

2024-02-05 – 11:00

Line it up: Synthesizing and assembling colloidal nanoplatelets for light emission applications

Speaker: Yunan Gao – School of Physics, Peking University

Host: Hai Wang

Location: Utrecht University, Ornsteinlaboratorium 2.60


2024-01-22 – 16:00

Van der Waals heterostructures for designer quantum materials

Speaker: Peter Liljeroth – Aalto University

Host: CMI Colloquium, Ingmar Swart

Location: Utrecht University, BBG 7.12


2023-12-07 – 11:30

Phononic Frequency Combs

Speaker: Adarsh Ganesan – Ahmedabad University, India

Host: Rembert Duine

Location: Utrecht University, Co watch in BBG 7.12

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