Meetings Calendar

The near future plan for QuMat meetings is as below

October 2022: The QuMat Kick-Off – Utrecht

February 24 2023: PhD student Site visit – Utrecht University

May 11th & 12th 2023: Pillar Meeting – Groningen

October 23th to 25th 2023: Yearly meeting – Nijmegen

Jan/Feb 2024: Methods & techniques – Location TBD

April/May 2024: Pillar Meeting – Location TBD

Summer 2024: QuMat summer school – Location and Time TBD

October 2023: Yearly meeting – Twente

QuMat Meetings and Events

During its lifetime, QuMat will host various meetings, conferences, seminars, summer schools, and site visits.

QuMat started with a kick-off meeting and will organize three consortium meetings yearly. These meetings will allow QuMat researchers to exchange results and ideas, facilitate cross-fertilization between pillars and disciplines, and strengthen the community.


Each spring, the Pillar leaders organize Pillar meetings to discuss the progress in the research projects and ensure collaboration and feedback between the disciplines.

Methods & Techniques

In the winter, there is a meeting on methods & techniques (M&T) in which researchers discuss theoretical methods, issues on experimental techniques, and opportunities to use each other’s facilities.

Annual Meeting

In the fall, all researchers meet in the three-day annual meeting to present and discuss the progress and problems program-wide and identify new research opportunities and cross-pillar collaborations. They also include a one-day external program with international speakers. This day is open to all researchers working on the broad quantum materials or quantum technology front and to industrial and societal organizations. The meeting thus combines discussions of new research directions and scientific evolutions in the field, society, and industry.

Site visits

 To stimulate community building and knowledge sharing among the young researchers, the Ph.D./PostDoc council will organize site visits to each QuMat university. The hosting Ph.D. students and postdocs prepare tutorials to introduce the other students to their projects and give tours of their facilities. Together with the M&T meetings, this ensures that all junior researchers are aware of the ongoing research and the facilities and equipment available within QuMat.

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