Paper title

Electrical control of spin-polarized topological currents in monolayer WTe2

Jose H. Garcia, Jinxuan You, Mónica García-Mota, Peter Koval, Pablo Ordejón, Ramón Cuadrado, Matthieu J. Verstraete, Zeila Zanolli, and Stephan Roche

Phys. Rev. B 106, L161410 (2022)

Tuning the topological band gap of bismuthene with silicon-based substrates

Nils Wittemeier, Pablo Ordejón and Zeila Zanolli

Journal of Physics: Materials, Volume 5, Number 3 (2022)

The impact of valley profile on the mobility and Kerr rotation of transition metal dichalcogenides

Thibault Sohier, Pedro M M C de Melo, Zeila Zanolli and Matthieu Jean Verstraete

2D Mater. 10 025006 (2023)

Compact localized boundary states in a quasi-1D electronic diamond-necklace chain

S.N. Kempkes, P. Capiod, S. Ismaili, J. Mulkens, L. Eek, I. Swart, C. Morais Smith

Quantum Frontiers 2, Article number: 1 (2023)

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