QuMat related seminars

Besides the QuMat seminars, many other lectures around the Netherlands are also interesting to the QuMat consortium. At the moment there are no such upcoming events known to us.
Please let us know if you want your event listed here!

Old related seminars

Here you also find the most recent external seminars from around the Netherlands.

2024-05-22 – 15:00

Introducing magnetism in 2D materials: A theoretical/computational perspective

Speaker: David Soriano – University of Alicante

Host: CMI group, Riccardo Reho

Location: Utrecht University, Ornsteinlaboratorium 2.60


2024-02-05 – 11:00

Line it up: Synthesizing and assembling colloidal nanoplatelets for light emission applications

Speaker: Yunan Gao – School of Physics, Peking University

Host: Hai Wang

Location: Utrecht University, Ornsteinlaboratorium 2.60


2024-01-22 – 16:00

Van der Waals heterostructures for designer quantum materials

Speaker: Peter Liljeroth – Aalto University

Host: CMI Colloquium, Ingmar Swart

Location: Utrecht University, BBG 7.12


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