Past QuMat seminars in Utrecht

The QuMat seminars in Utrecht is a bi-weekly joint venture between Utrecht’s experimental and theoretical condensed matter physics groups.
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Landau levels and artificial magnetism in polariton lattices

Speaker: Alberto Amo – Laboratory PhLAM, CNRS and University of Lille

Host: Cristiane de Morais Smith



Engineering artificial magnetic fields for photons is one of the major challenges to implement topological phases in photonic lattices. In this presentation we will show that strain engineering in a two dimensional lattice of coupled photonic resonators can be used to implement Landau levels for photons. This lattice geometry demonstrates helical edge states reminiscent of the quantised edge states in the quantum Hall effect. In the second part, we will show that photon-photon interactions in a polariton resonator can be used to break time reversal symmetry for photons and engineer emission from chiral photonic states.

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