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The QuMat seminars in Utrecht is a bi-weekly joint venture between Utrecht’s experimental and theoretical condensed matter physics groups.
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Continuous Bose-Einstein condensation and superradiant clocks

Speaker: Florian Schreck – University of Amsterdam

Host: Peter van der Straten


Ultracold quantum gases are excellent platforms for quantum simulation and sensing. So far these gases have been produced using time-sequential cooling stages and after creation they unfortunately decay through unavoidable loss processes. This limits what can be done with them. For example it becomes impossible to extract a continuous-wave atom laser, which has promising applications for precision measurement through atom interferometry [1]. I will present how we achieve continuous Bose-Einstein condensation and create condensates (BECs) that persist in a steady-state for as long as we desire. Atom loss is compensated by feeding fresh atoms from a continuously replenished thermal source into the BEC by Bose-stimulated gain [2]. Our experiment is the matter wave analog of a cw optical laser with fully reflective cavity mirrors. The only step missing to create a continuous-wave atom laser beam is the addition of a coherent atom outcoupling mechanism. In addition this BEC may give us access to interesting driven-dissipative quantum phenomena over unprecedented timescales. The techniques we developed to achieve the continuous source of thermal atoms are also nicely suited to tackle another challenge: the creation of a continuously operating superradiant clock [3,4,5,6]. These clocks promise to become more rugged and/or more short-term stable than traditional optical clocks, thereby opening new application areas. In the second part of my talk I will present how we are developing two types of superradiant clocks within the European Quantum Flagship consortium iqClock [4,5,6].

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