The QuMat Summer school 2024

It’s official! The QuMat summer schools will take place on 24 – 28 June 2024 at Hotel Amelander Kaap in Hollum, Friesland.

The event is free for QuMat PhD students and Postdocs.

Affiliated QuMat students are welcome at a reduced cost (€ 500) and external students at self-cost rates (€ 1000).

In case of over-registration, a selection will be made based the relation to QuMat.

The program begins on Monday 24 June at 9:00 and will end on Friday 28 June at/after lunch (to allow for travel home in the afternoon). It is our desire that the students will visit the school for the entire week 24 – 28 June. Accommodation is therefore booked from Sunday 23 June until Friday 28 June (five nights). The exact schedule for the boats on Sunday has not yet been set, but will later be found e.g. here.

The registration for the summer school is now closed! Deadline was January 31 2024.


The chairs of the summer school are Alexander Brinkman and Machteld Kamminga. Practical questions can be addressed to the QuMat office.


Our school aims to provide students working on Materials for the Quantum Age with a common language that allows experimentalists and theorists to discuss, e.g. topology, materials science, and spintronics across the specializations of their discipline.

The topics are chosen to accomplish this objective.

Topology – Flore Kunst (MPL Erlangen)

Band structure, Berry Curvature, Edge Modes, Classification, Topological invariants.

Chemistry/Materials – Leslie Schoop (Princeton)

Material properties, how to make materials, characterization, what atoms are good for what?

Magnetism and superconductivity – Michael Wimmer (TU Delft, QuMat)

Magnetism, superconductivity and topological superconductivity

Experimental techniques – Philip Willke (Karlsruhe)

A look under the hood of STM techniques.

Towards Devices – Marcos Guimarães (Groningen, QuMat)

Light matter interfaces, spintronics.

Societal and Industrial impact – To be announced

Two evening lectures with focus on societal and industrial impact.

Hotel Amelander Kaap

Fletcher Resort-Hotel Amelander Kaap
Oosterhiemweg 1
9161 CZ Hollum

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