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Orbital Fulde–Ferrell–Larkin–Ovchinnikov state in an Ising superconductor Puhua Wan, Oleksandr Zheliuk, Noah F. Q. Yuan, Xiaoli Peng, Le Zhang, Minpeng Liang, Uli Zeitler, Steffen Wiedmann, Nigel E. Hussey, Thomas T. M. Palstra & Jianting Ye Nature (2023) (2023)

Compact localized boundary states in a quasi-1D electronic diamond-necklace chain S.N. Kempkes, P. Capiod, S. Ismaili, J. Mulkens, L. Eek, I. Swart, C. Morais Smith Quantum Frontiers 2, Article number: 1Quantum Frontiers 2, Article number: 1 (2023)

A pre-time-zero spatiotemporal microscopy technique for the ultrasensitive determination of the thermal diffusivity of thin films Varghese S, Mehew J D, Block A, Reig D S, Woźniak P, Farris R, Zanolli Z, Ordejón P, Verstraete M J, Van Hulst N F, Tielrooij K-J Review of Scientific Instruments, 94(3), art. no. 034903 (2023)

The impact of valley profile on the mobility and Kerr rotation of transition metal dichalcogenides Thibault Sohier, Pedro M M C de Melo, Zeila Zanolli and Matthieu Jean Verstraete 2D Mater. 10 025006 (2023)

Quantum Field Theoretical description of non-Hermitian Topological Insulators and its application to impurities A. Moustaj, L. Eek, & C. Morais Smith PRB 105, L180503 (2022)

Electrical control of spin-polarized topological currents in monolayer WTe2 Jose H. Garcia, Jinxuan You, Mónica García-Mota, Peter Koval, Pablo Ordejón, Ramón Cuadrado, Matthieu J. Verstraete, Zeila Zanolli, and Stephan Roche Phys. Rev. B 106, L161410 (2022)

Tuning the topological band gap of bismuthene with silicon-based substrates Nils Wittemeier, Pablo Ordejón and Zeila Zanolli Journal of Physics: Materials, Volume 5, Number 3 (2022)

Designing Topological Monomodes in non-Hermitian System E. Slootman, W. Cherifi, L. Eek, R. Arouca, M. Bourennane & C. Morais Smith 2304.05748

Topological zero-modes in Bi Sierpinski fractals. Lumen Eek

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