Affiliated project

PhD student: Mohammad Farhan Tanzim

Project Leader: Irene Aguilera

Study of Magnetic topological insulators using the GW method

The aim of our current project is understanding magnetic topological insulators which are magnetic counterparts of the 3-dimensional time-reversal invariant topological insulators (TIs) of the Bi2T e3 family of the materials. Understanding these materials would in turn help us to understand how magnetism changes the bulk-boundary correspondence of these TIs. We want to use many body perturbation theory in the GW approximation on top of Density Functional Theory (DFT) as a tool to study these materials. This will enable us to obtain quantitative data comparable to the experiments, shedding light onto open questions from previous theoretical descriptions of these materials. Implementing the GW method for these materials is also one of the projects we are working on at this moment. As quantitative data can be gained from this methodology, our future goal is to see the tunabilty of the concentration of different chemical constituents in order to sustain the topologically non-trivial phase.

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