Affiliated project

Postdoc: Yanliang Hou

Project Leader: Chuan Li


Topological materials is considered one of the promising platforms for building Majorana-based quantum computing. The SuperSHOTS project will focus on electronic quantum transport in topological devices, with the goal of revealing the correlated Majorana bound states and gate-tunable e-e interactions in higher-order topological materials, particularly in the topological Dirac semimetals.

I have access to advanced nano-fabrication technology centre MESA+ and a well-equipped laboratory for low-temperature experiments. Experimentally, I am mainly devoted to fabricating topological Dirac material-based devices, particularly Josephson junctions. Then, measure the electronic transport properties of the devices in ultra-low temperature (millikelvin) range in both low and high-frequency regimes. Our team has a very collaborative atmosphere, and everyone on this team will benefit from our broad knowledge and experience.

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