Project QuMat.1-RU-3.2B in Pillar 3

PhD student: Chiara Cocchi

Project Leader: Nigel Hussey

Co-supervisor: Jianting Ye

Co-supervisor: Steffen Wiedmann

Probing unconventional order parameter symmetry

We will make a superconductor-insulator-superconductor (SIS) tunneling junction and use a tunneling experiment on TMDs under a high magnetic field (in collaboration with HFML in Nijmegen) to detect and differentiate the two possible phases of a nodal superconductor and nodal topological superconductor. We expect to observe a “V-shaped” spectrum for the nodal superconductor and a “V shape” spectrum with low energy features for the topological nodal superconductor, where the low energy features correspond to the topological edge state. This topological state forms only when the magnetic field is large enough. We will use the unique abilities of the high-field facility in the HFML.

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