Project QuMat.1-RU-OWNCONTR-2.2B / 4.2D in Pillar 2 & 4

PhD student: Viktoriia Radovskaia

Project Leader: Dmytro Afanasiev

Co-supervisor: Mazhar Ali

THz control of spins

We will explore the effect of THz stimuli (electric fields and phonon-mediated dynamical stress) on spins in 2D magnets and their heterostructures with the ultimate goal to develop the least-dissipative control of spins at THz frequencies.

Cold optical writing at the edge of time

We will reveal the fundamental and practical limits on speed and energy dissipations of magnetic writing with the help of light. Here we aim to push the existing borders down to the frequency of magnons at the edge of the Brillouin zone (THz) and the fundamental Landauer (10-23 J/bit) or the practical limit of energy dissipation per bit in a superconducting transistor (10-19 J/bit single flux quantum pulse).

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