Project QuMat.1-TUD-4.2C in Pillar 4

PhD student: Michiel Dubbelman

Project Leader: Mazhar Ali

Co-supervisor: Alexey Kimel

Coherent phono-magnetism: static and dynamical manipulation of magnetism via lattice degrees of freedom

Crystalline modulation through stress and strain has been demonstrated as a powerful way to control spins in 2D magnetic quantum materials, which can, in turn, impact magnetotransport properties. Magneto-electric control of phonon modes due to magnon-phonon hybridization has been demonstrated in 2D VdW magnetic materials like CrI3, and MnPSe3. Inversely, dynamic stress by high-amplitude phonons controlling magnetic order, is expected to be strong as well. In this project we will address the static and dynamical control of magnetic order and magnon excitations via manipulation of the crystalline lattice by coupling to vibrational modes of 2D magnets. In artificial 2D heterostructures created by dry transfer techniques, piezoelectric strain and mid infrared light will be used to modulate the crystalline lattice in 2D honeycomb and Kagome materials, two classes of quantum materials with strong magnetosteric coupling due to geometric frustration and the presence of breathing modes. We will couple to the breathing modes to drive the lattice out of equilibrium and probe the magnetic order and spin dynamics induced in the vdW magnon systems by observing strain dependent magnetoresistance and tracking time-resolved changes to the magneto-optical Kerr and Faraday effects using a pump-probe technique.

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