Project QuMat.1-RU-2.1A / 2.2A in Pillar 2

PhD student: Robert Cañellas Núñez

Project Leader: Mikhail Katsnelson

Co-supervisor: Jagoda Sławińska

Co-supervisor: Rembert Duine

Co-supervisor: Andrey Bagrov

Quantum theory of 2D magnetism

We will explore how the spin-orbit and the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interactions, electric and magnetic fields, stress, and light influence the electronic, spintronic and magnonic properties of (hybrid) 2D magnets. The project will search for material and parameter combinations hosting robust states for non-dissipative information transfer up to room temperature, revealing approaches to address these robust states with the help of external stimuli.

Nonequilibrium nanomagnetism

We will develop a theoretical framework and approximations for describing THz spin excitations at the nanoscale. Special attention will be paid to the presence of extraordinary strong magnon-magnon interactions, providing hints of fractionalized spin excitations in 2D magnetism. We will explore how to manipulate these magnon-magnon interactions and supermagnonic flows with external stimuli to achieve fast, small-wavelength and energy-efficient information propagation and control bound only by the quantum limits.

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