Assistant professor: Jagoda Sławińska

Jagoda Sławińska
Jagoda Sławińska

University of Groningen

Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials


Project involvement
Co-supervisor for project 4.1A
Theory of 2D topological excitons

PhD student: Oscar Eastman

Project Leader for affilated project with PhD student Berkay Kilic

Short Biography

Jagoda Sławińska is a computational materials schientist working on modeling, design and undestandting of novel quantum materials for nanoelectronics and spintronics. Her group closely collaborates with experimentalists in order to explain observed spin-orbit related phenomena and exploit them towards novel applications based on spin degree of freedom. Recent studies focus on ferroelectric spintronics and logic-in-memory devices beyond CMOS. Jagoda Sławińska received a prestigeous Prime Minister’s Award for her PhD Thesis in 2013 in Poland, Mobility Plus Fellowship, 2013-2015 from the Polish Ministry of Science, and a Rosalind Franklin Fellowship at the University of Groningen in 2020.

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