Assistant professor: Jagoda Sławińska

Jagoda Sławińska
Jagoda Sławińska

University of Groningen

Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials


Member of pillar 2
Member of pillar 3
Member of pillar 4
Short Biography

Jagoda Sławińska is a computational materials schientist working on modeling, design and undestandting of novel quantum materials for nanoelectronics and spintronics. Her group closely collaborates with experimentalists in order to explain observed spin-orbit related phenomena and exploit them towards novel applications based on spin degree of freedom. Recent studies focus on ferroelectric spintronics and logic-in-memory devices beyond CMOS. Jagoda Sławińska received a prestigeous Prime Minister’s Award for her PhD Thesis in 2013 in Poland, Mobility Plus Fellowship, 2013-2015 from the Polish Ministry of Science, and a Rosalind Franklin Fellowship at the University of Groningen in 2020.

Project involvement
Co-supervisor for project 4.1A
Theory of 2D topological excitons

PhD student: Oscar Eastman

Project Leader for affilated project with PhD student Berkay Kilic

Publications in QuMat

Nonlinear magnetotransport in MoTe2
Anna C. Marx, Homayoun Jafari, Eelco Tekelenburg, Maria A. Loi, Jagoda Slawinska, Marcos H. D. Guimaraes
Phys. Rev. B 109, 125408 (2024)

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