Project QuMat.1-TUE-3.3A in Pillar 3

PhD student: Yoran Starmans

Project Leader: Ageeth Bol

Co-supervisor: Erik Bakkers

Co-supervisor: Guus Rijnders

Synthesis of artificially engineered unit cells for quantum anomalous Hall effect

Ternary topological 2D materials such as V/MnBi2Te4, so far have been created by means of doping nonmagnetic topological insulators with 3d transition-metal elements, or by cleaving bulk crystals; however, such approaches lead to strongly inhomogeneous magnetic and electronic properties, and/or poor thickness control. In this project we will create ternary compounds by atomic layer deposition (ALD). ALD is a scalable synthesis technique with very precise control over the composition of the material (section 2.2.5). Quantum anomalous Hall effect devices based on the new materials will be fabricated using e-beam lithography and characterized by transport in high magnetic fields as well as scanning SQUID microscopy.

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