Prof. Erik Bakkers
Full professor

Erik Bakkers

Eindhoven University of Technology
Advanced Nanomaterials and Devices group

Contribution within QuMat:

Synthesis, Characterization; Pillar 3.

Pillar 3 co-leader.


Short CV

The Bakkers group is renowned for the development of new materials based on nanowires. His group has realized the nanowire structures in which the first signatures of Majorana states have been observed (Science 2012, Nature 2017). Recently, they succeeded in growing Silicon with a different -hexagonal- crystal structure which has a direct band gap and can efficiently emit light (Nature 2020). Bakkers has received an NWO Vici (2011), ERC Consolidator (2013) and Advanced Grant (2019), was awarded the TR35 prize from MIT (2007), and the AAAS Newcomb Cleveland prize for best paper in Science (2013). He is a member of the KNAW, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Project involvement

Project Leader – QuMat.1-TUE-3.1A

Synthesis of PbTe and development of in-situ device technology

Co-supervisor – QuMat.1-RUG-1.2B

Heterostructure engineering of WTe2 / X Hybrid Materials

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