Project QuMat.1-UU-1.2C / 3.2C in Pillar 1 & 3

PhD student: Auke Vlasblom

Project leader: Ingmar Swart

Scanning-probe characterization of Wte2 / X hybrid materials

The electronic band structure of the hybrid material and all aspects of the helical states will be investigated with a combination of advanced scanning probe methods. We will check the atomic structure of the substrate/layer X/WTe2 system with atomically resolved AFM and STM. (Spin-polarized) STS provides the (spin-filtered) local density of states. The stability of the helical states with respect to (magnetic) scatterers will be investigated by placing scatterers on certain positions using atomic manipulation.

In-situ phase tuning of topological superconductors

A vacuum suitcase transfer infrastructure will be developed to transfer successful devices of projects 3.1 and 3.2 to advanced scanning tunneling spectroscopy set-ups. Phase-biased experiments will be developed and equipped with tunnel probe read-out. Corbino-disk type experiments will be performed where Majoranas are swapped at high frequency while probing the tunneling density of states. Furthermore, the zero-energy modes will be characterized by shot-noise measurements.

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