Affiliated PHD: Anouar Moustaj

Anouar Moustaj
Anouar Moustaj

Utrecht University

Project Leader: Cristiane de Morais Smith


Short Biography

My journey in physics started with a Bachelor in Physics from Groningen University, where I grew fond of theoretical frameworks for fundamental physics, and graduated in 2018. This led me to enrol in the Master of Theoretical and Mathematical Physics at Utrecht university, from which I graduated in the summer of 2020. Somewhere along this path, my interest in condensed matter physics surpassed the one in fundamental theories, which led me to explore topological phases in 1D quasicrystals in the group of Cristiane Morais Smith for my master’s thesis.

Thereafter I was offered a PhD position in the same group, allowing to me keep learning and exploring different aspects of topological phases in various settings, such as aperiodic systems, non-Hermitian Hamiltonians and insulating topological phases in the presence of electron interactions.

Beyond the professional realm, I enjoy reading, visiting museums, riding motorbikes and powerlifting.

Publications in QuMat

Emergent non-Hermitian models
Lumen Eek, Anouar Moustaj, Malte Röntgen, Vincent Pagneux, Vassos Achilleos, Cristiane Morais Smith
Phys. Rev. B 109, 045122 (2024)
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