Full professor: Hans Hilgenkamp

Hans Hilgenkamp
Hans Hilgenkamp

University of Twente

Interfaces and Correlated Electron Systems group

Email: j.w.m.hilgenkamp@utwente.nl

Member of pillar 1
Short Biography

Building up on his part work at IBM Research and other places on high-T c superconductivity, the research of Hans Hilgenkamp focusses on materials with unconventional electronic properties, like oxide-based 2-DEG systems and resistive switching materials for low power electronics. A specialty in his lab is Scanning SQUID Magnetic Microscopy. Hilgenkamp was a founder of the Global Young Academy. He received NWO Vidi and Vici grants and won the Central Education Prize. He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society, a member of the Global Future Council on Scientific Collaboration by the World Economic Forum, and of the Board of Reviewing Editors of Science.

Project involvement

Publications in QuMat

The effect of intrinsic magnetic order on electrochemical water splitting
Emma van der Minne and Lucas Korol and Lidewij M. A. Krakers and Michael Verhage and Carlos M. M. Rosario and Thijs J. Roskamp and Raymond J. Spiteri and Chiara Biz and Mauro Fianchini and Bernard A. Boukamp and Guus Rijnders and Kees Flipse and Jose Gracia and Guido Mul and Hans Hilgenkamp and Robert J. Green and Gertjan Koster and Christoph Baeumer
APPLIED PHYSICS REVIEWS 11, 1 011420 (2024)


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