PHD: Thijs Roskamp

Thijs Roskamp
Thijs Roskamp

University of Twente


Publications in QuMat

The effect of intrinsic magnetic order on electrochemical water splitting
Emma van der Minne and Lucas Korol and Lidewij M. A. Krakers and Michael Verhage and Carlos M. M. Rosario and Thijs J. Roskamp and Raymond J. Spiteri and Chiara Biz and Mauro Fianchini and Bernard A. Boukamp and Guus Rijnders and Kees Flipse and Jose Gracia and Guido Mul and Hans Hilgenkamp and Robert J. Green and Gertjan Koster and Christoph Baeumer
APPLIED PHYSICS REVIEWS 11, 1 011420 (2024)
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