Prof. Henk Stoof
Full professor

Henk Stoof

Utrecht University
Institute for Theoretical Physics

Contribution within QuMat:

Theory and design; Pillar 3, 4.


Short CV

Stoof is an expert in the application of condensed-matter theory to various experimental quantum systems. During the last five years, he has made important contributions in many areas, including the exotic superfluid and (spin-)transport properties of spin and mass-imbalanced Fermi mixtures, the many-body physics of Bose-Einstein condensates of light and (bi-)excitons, the anomalous transport in topological Weyl metals, and the application of holographic methods towards strongly interacting condensed-matter systems near a quantum critical point. Stoof is a recipient of NWO Vici, Gravitation and TOP-ECHO Grants. He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS).

Project involvement

Project Leader – QuMat.1-UU-4.1A

Theory of 2D topological excitons

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