Affiliated PHD: Jara Vliem

Jara Vliem

Utrecht University

Project Leader:


Publications in QuMat

Cation Exchange and Spontaneous Crystal Repair Resulting in Ultrathin, Planar CdS Nanosheets
van der Sluijs, Maaike M. and Vliem, Jara F. and de Wit, Jur W. and Rietveld, Jeppe J. and Meeldijk, Johannes D. and Vanmaekelbergh, Daniel A. M.
Chemistry of Materials 35, 19 8301 – 8308 (2023)
Short Biography

After finishing my bachelor’s degree in chemistry at Utrecht University (2015-2018), I moved on to obtain my master’s degree in Nanomaterials Science (2018-2020). During that time, I joined to group Condensed Matter and Interfaces (CMI) to write my thesis on the synthesis and characterization of CdSe nanorings.
I was happy to stay in the same group for my PhD project, which I started on October 2020 under the supervision of prof. dr. Daniel Vanmaekelbergh and dr. Ingmar Swart. The project focusses on investigating the synthesis and properties of (crystalline) topological insulators such as bismuth selenide, bismuth telluride, and tin telluride.
Outside of work, I enjoy playing the violin/viola, playing board or puzzle games with friends, visiting musea, hiking, or photographing pretty insects wherever I can find them.

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