Prof. Mark Golden
Full professor

Mark Golden

University of Amsterdam
Quantum Materials Group

Contribution within QuMat:

Characterization; Pillar 1, 2, 3


Short CV

The Golden group is a globally respected provider of experimental information on the electronic dispersion relation and interactions in novel quantum materials such as topological materials and unconventional, high temperature superconductors. This is done using angle resolved photoemission (ARPES) both in Amsterdam and at synchrotron light sources. Resonant and coherent soft X-ray techniques complement the ARPES program providing information on orbital and magnetic degrees of freedom, charge transfer and insulator-metal transitions. Golden led the successful Dutch national research program on Topological Insulators (ending 2019) and sits on the scientific advisory boards of IFW Dresden and Synchrotron SOLEIL.

Project involvement

Co-supervisor – QuMat.1-RUG-M1

k-space spectroscopy & element specific magnetometry and microscopy of 2D topological materials

Co-supervisor – QuMat.1-UT-OWNCONTR-1.1C

Characterization of Bi-ene/X hybrid materials

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