Project QuMat.1-RUG-M1 in Pillar M

PhD student: Chrystalla Knekna

Project Leader: Petra Rudolf

Co-supervisor: Mark Golden

Co-supervisor: Anna Isaeva

Co-supervisor: Antonija Grubišić Čabo

k-space spectroscopy & element specific magnetometry and microscopy of 2D topological materials

The hybrid electronic, magnetic and superconducting materials with topologically protected quantum states developed in QuMat will be characterized with a variety of scanning probe methods and with spectroscopy in devices, as described in the other projects. Momentum-space scattering methods provide an important and complementary spectroscopic platform to study the band structure of quantum materials. In this project, spin-resolved ARPES, nano-ARPES, and dichroism-based techniques (in photoemission and absorption) will be further developed and used to study the band structure of quantum spin Hall insulators, spintronic and magnonic materials, and quantum spin Hall insulators that are proximitized with a superconductor. The experiments in the Golden and Rudolf lab will form the gateway to synchrotron beamtimes. The Rudolf/Golden combination constitutes more than 50 years of experience in advanced synchrotron-based spectroscopy and microscopy. K-space spectroscopy is an important complement to local scanning probe spectroscopy in real space.

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