Affiliated PHD: Sergio Barquero Pierantoni

Sergio Barquero Pierantoni

University of Amsterdam

Project Leader: Mark Golden


Short Biography

Starting from September 2021, I am a PhD student within the University of Amsterdam working in the group of Mark Golden. My focus is on Angle Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy (ARPES) of quantum materials. Although I’m also involved in various experiments studying copper oxide high-Tc superconductors, my main research interests are magnetic topological materials.

I use ARPES to look for signatures of nontrivial band topology in materials that can host magnetism at increasingly “high” temperatures. Ultimately, my goal is to help find material platforms that can support the QAHE at high temperatures and study the interplay between magnetism and topology. That said, I am always excited to learn new physics, so feel free to drop me an email if you are curious on gaining experimental access to the momentum space of your sample!

Now for the formal bit…I received my bachelor’s degree in physics from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, and master’s degree in Quantum Matter and Optics (part of the Physics MSc) from the Universiteit Leiden. During my masters, I joined the group of Milan Allan to help perform STM measurements in presence of a transport current, and also interned with Mark Golden to study the single-particle self-energy of overdoped cuprates using ARPES. After this, Mark gave me the opportunity to stay in his group for my PhD, and I gradually shifted my focus from high-temperature superconductors to high-temperature magnetic topological materials.

I spend most of my free time meeting friends, doing analogue photography, and going for occasional bike rides.

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