in Pillar 1

Project Leader: Marcos Guimarães

Co-supervisor 1: Ageeth Bol

Co-supervisor 2: Erik Bakkers

Heterostructure engineering of WTe2 / X Hybrid Materials

We will explore the topological electronic structure of the two-dimensional material WTe2 in the T’ crystalline phase. We will start with substrate/layer X/WTe2, with X being a potential superconductor, ferromagnet or another transition metal dichalcogenide (TMD) layer, to gain experience in the heterostructure fabrication, reproducibility, interfacial problems, and chemical stability. Guided by DFT and tight-binding calculations, characterization and testing, we will advance towards material combinations offering the strongest topological gap. Finally, we will combine wafer-scale ALD-grown superconductors, with the optimized WTe2 quantum spin Hall insulator to combine strong superconductors with a system with a maximum topological gap.

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