Tenure track assistant professor: Marcos Guimarães

Marcos Guimarães
Marcos Guimarães

University of Groningen

OptoSpintronics of Nanomaterials

Email: m.h.guimaraes@rug.nl

Member of pillar 1
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Short Biography

Guimarães focuses on the interplay between charge, spin/magnetism, and light in atomically-thin materials. His group explores the control over spin-orbit torques for the manipulation of magnetization and uses ultrafast magneto-optical techniques to study the behavior of spins and magnetism in low-dimensional structures. He pioneered the control of spin-orbit torques using low-symmetry two-dimensional materials and the demonstration of optically- generated spins in inversion symmetric van der Waals systems. He received the NWO Rubicon, Veni, and Start-Up grants, a Kavli Institute Fellowship, and an ERC Starting Grant. Guimarães is also part of the Young Academy Groningen.

Publications in QuMat

Nonlinear magnetotransport in MoTe2
Anna C. Marx, Homayoun Jafari, Eelco Tekelenburg, Maria A. Loi, Jagoda Slawinska, Marcos H. D. Guimaraes
Phys. Rev. B 109, 125408 (2024)
Electric control of optically-induced magnetization dynamics in a van der Waals ferromagnet
Freddie Hendriks, Rafael R. Rojas-Lopez, Bert Koopmans, Marcos H. D. Guimarães
Nature Communications 15, 1298 (2024)
Efficient Magnon Injection and Detection via the Orbital Rashba Edelstein Effect
J. Aaron Mendoza-Rodarte, Maxen Cosset-Chéneau, Bart J. van Wees, Marcos H. D. Guimarães

Arxiv: 2401.0109

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