Dr. Marcos Guimarães
Tenure track assistant professor

Marcos Guimarães

University of Groningen
OptoSpintronics of Nanomaterials

Contribution within QuMat:

Synthesis, Device fabrication, Characterization; Pillar 1, 2, 4.

Societal Impact Committee

Email: m.h.guimaraes@rug.nl

Short CV

Guimarães focuses on the interplay between charge, spin/magnetism, and light in atomically-thin materials. His group explores the control over spin-orbit torques for the manipulation of magnetization and uses ultrafast magneto-optical techniques to study the behavior of spins and magnetism in low-dimensional structures. He pioneered the control of spin-orbit torques using low-symmetry two-dimensional materials and the demonstration of optically- generated spins in inversion symmetric van der Waals systems.

He received the NWO Rubicon, Veni, and Start-Up grants, a Kavli Institute Fellowship, and an ERC Starting Grant. Guimarães is also part of the Young Academy Groningen.

Project involvement

Project Leader – QuMat.1-RUG-1.2B

Heterostructure engineering of WTe2 / X Hybrid Materials

Co-supervisor – QuMat.1-TUE-2.2D / 4.2B

Opto-magnonic devices – On-chip coupling of light to spin and pseudo-spin

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