Tenure-track assistant professor: Anna Isaeva

Anna Isaeva
Anna Isaeva

University of Amsterdam

Institute of Physics

Email: a.isaeva@uva.nl

Member of pillar 1
Member of pillar 2
Short Biography

The Isaeva group focuses on explorative design and crystal growth of new topological materials and frustrated magnets, their X-ray and electron diffraction characterization and (magneto)transport properties. The team’s contributions include experimental discoveries of several families of weak and strong 3D topological insulators, e.g. Bi 14 Rh 3 I 9 and Bi 4 I 4 , and the first intrinsic magnetic TIs, the (MnBi 2 Te 4 )(Bi 2 Te 3 ) n family. She received BELSPO (Belgium) and Marie-Reiche (Germany) fellowships and was a project leader of a Special Priority Program (SPP), Collaborative Research Center (CRC) and an Excellence Cluster on topological matter in Germany.

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