Project QuMat.1-TUD-OWNCONTR-M4 in Pillar M

PhD student: Guliuxin Jin

Project Leader: Eliška Greplová

Co-supervisor: Lars Fritz

Topological quantum metamaterials and devices

A pathway towards overcoming the technological challenges connected to controlling quantum materials is to use engineered, highly controllable quantum systems as building blocks for simulation of quantum material structures. These systems, built bottom-up from controllable quantum devices, will provide an ideal testbed for exploring topological features and quantum correlations. Inspired by the methods developed for classical topological metamaterials, we will design and analyze topological quantum metamaterials built up using superconducting circuits and semiconductor quantum dots. We can then use tailor-made machine learning techniques to study reconstruction of Hamiltonians146 and emergence of new phases of matter in these systems. This project will therefore open a new avenue of quantum materials design by taking advantage of the high coherence and entanglement in engineered quantum systems.

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