Project QuMat.1-TUE-2.2D / 4.2B in Pillar 2 & 4

PhD student: Max van der Schans

Project Leader: Bert Koopmans

Co-supervisor: Marcos Guimarães

Co-supervisor: Kobus Kuipers

Opto-magnonic devices

We will design and demonstrate scalable, nearly non-dissipative spin-wave devices and circuits, such as logic gates, filters, waveguides, diodes, and multiplexors. In these devices, topological exchange spin waves are used as information carriers that do not suffer from conventional problems of magnonic devices but benefit from the advantages of the nanoscale wavelength and THz frequency.

On-chip coupling of light to spin and pseudo-spin

We will develop hybrid magnet/waveguide devices for selective on-chip, optical near-field initiation of spins and pseudospins in 2D magnets at room temperature. The degree of preservation of spin or pseudo-spin in the light/matter interconversion will be studied by nanowire optics.

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