Full professor: Bert Koopmans

Bert Koopmans
Bert Koopmans

TU Eindhoven

Physics of Nanostructures group

Email: b.koopmans@tue.nl

Member of pillar 2
Member of pillar 4
Short Biography

Koopmans is a world-leading researcher in the field of ultrafast laser-induced magnetic phenomena. The activities of his research group encompass spintronics (including spin transfer and spin-orbit phenomena, domain wall devices and organic spintronics), nanomagnetism and ultrafast magnetization dynamics. In 2014 he initiated a research line on magneto-photonic integration. His group runs the NanoAccess facility, a cluster of UHV tools for ultrathin film deposition and nanoscale manipulation and characterization. In 2004 Koopmans was awarded an NWO Vici grant for his program entitled “Spin Engineering in Molecular Devices”. In 2020 he was elected distinguished lecturer of the IEEE Magnetics Society.

Publications in QuMat

Electric control of optically-induced magnetization dynamics in a van der Waals ferromagnet
Freddie Hendriks, Rafael R. Rojas-Lopez, Bert Koopmans, Marcos H. D. Guimarães
Nature Communications 15, 1298 (2024)

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