Affiliated project

Postdoc: Falk Pabst

Project Leader: Anna Isaeva

Crystal growth and characterization of intermetallic van-der-Waals materials

The project focuses on the growth and fabrication of bulk crystals that exhibit topological band order. A wide range of preparative techniques, from flux growth to vapor transport reactions, is employed. Chemical modification is explored as an adjusting screw to perform band structure engineering and reveal non-trivial charge transport properties. Thorough structural analysis, conducted through single-crystal and powder X-ray diffraction, provides the foundation to analyze structure-property relationships. Materials under investigation include ternary platinum bismuth tellurides and substituted manganese antimony tellurides. These systems will contribute to a versatile materials platform crucial for the development of new spintronic and electronic devices.

Within the QuMat consortium we cooperate with A. Grubisic-Cabo (RUG) and M. Golden (UvA) on (S)ARPES, with C. Li,A. Brinkman (TU), S. Bhattacharyya (LU) and M. Guimaraes (RUG) on magnetotransport, with D. Afanasiev and A. Kimel (RU) on ultrafast magnetooptical measurements, and with R. Lo Conte (RUG) on STM measurements.

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