Dr. Floris Zwanenburg
Associate professor

Floris Zwanenburg

University of Twente
NanoElectronics group

Contribution within QuMat:

Characterization; Pillar 1, 3

Email: f.a.zwanenburg@utwente.nl

Short CV

Zwanenburg’s research focuses on silicon quantum electronics, the quantum mechanical behavior of single electron or hole spins confined to (artificial) atoms in silicon. He was the first to read out the spin of a single electron and create a nuclear spin qubit in silicon. He is currently co-director of the Center for Quantum Nanotechnology Twente (QUANT) at the University of Twente, and coordinates the FET-OPEN project TOPSQUAD, which focuses on scalable topological quantum states. Zwanenburg is a recipient of NWO Veni and Vidi grants. In 2015 he received the prize for excellent teaching in the BSc program Advanced Technology.

Project involvement

Project Leader – QuMat.1-UT-3.1B

Quantum transport in GeSi heterostructures

Co-supervisor – QuMat.1-TUD-3.3C

Topological superconductivity in Kitaev chains

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