PHD: Pim Lueb

Pim Lueb
Pim Lueb

TU Eindhoven


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Publications in QuMat

Diffusive and ballistic transport in thin InSb nanowire devices using a few-layer-graphene-AlOx gate
Lior Shani and Pim Lueb and Gavin Menning and Mohit Gupta and Colin Riggert and Tyler Littmann and Frey Hackbarth and Marco Rossi and Jason Jung and Ghada Badawy and Marcel A Verheijen and Paul A Crowell and Erik P A M Bakkers and Vlad S Pribiag
Materials for Quantum Technology 4, 1 (2024)
Thermal scanning probe and laser lithography for patterning nanowire based quantum devices
Lior Shani; Jana Chaaban; Alec Nilson; Eliott Clerc; Gavin Menning; Colin Riggert; Pim Lueb; Marco Rossi; Ghada Badawy; Erik Bakkers
NANOTECHNOLOGY 35, 25 255302 (2024)

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