Prof. Alexander Khajetoorians
Full professor

Alexander Khajetoorians

Radboud University
Scanning Probe Microscopy department

Contribution within QuMat:

Synthesis, Device fabrication, Characterization; Pillar 1, 2, 3, 4.

M&T Coordinator Characterization


Short CV

The Khajetoorians group focuses on using high-precision scanning probe microscopy methods, in magnetic fields and at ultra-low temperatures, to understand quantum materials. His group focuses strongly on spintronic, novel electronic, and superconducting properties of surfaces. Khajetoorians and co-workers have pioneered the first atomic- scale all-spin logic gate and discovered a new magnetic phase of matter, the so-called spin-Q glass. Khajetoorians is a recipient of the Vidi grant and ERC Consolidator Grant, as well as the Emmy Noether Independent Grant (DFG). He has also won the Gerhard Ertl Young Investigator Award and the Nicholas Kurti European Science Prize.

Project involvement

Project Leader – QuMat.1-RU-2.3A

Synthesis of complex magnetism

Co-supervisor – QuMat.1-TUD-2.2C

Tailoring complex magnetic order at surfaces and interfaces


Exploring 2D magnetism in novel van der Waals materials

Co-supervisor – QuMat.1-RUG-3.2A

Intrinsic superconductivity in transition metal dichalcogenides

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